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Packaged Meals

As your Personal Chef, I will customize menus specifically planned to appeal to your tastes.  I offer a free, no obligation gourmet interview in the comfort of your home. During this time, you let me know your food likes and dislikes, and the service you are interested in.  If you don’t like specific foods, they will never be on your menu.  This means there is no one type, frequency or duration of a Personal Chef Service. Rather, the service is truly personalized.  Once I have your information, I will compose a personal menu. All menus are prepared with fresh, top quality and healthy ingredients.

Once you have approved your menu via email, we will schedule a day to cook in your home. We arrive with all of the utensils and equipment we need to complete your meals. We cook all the food in your home, package, then refrigerate or freeze each item, and leave thawing and heating instructions. By following these instructions your meals will taste like they were just prepared!  We leave your kitchen clean and your home smelling wonderful. You simply heat the meals and enjoy the free time, the clean kitchen, and the fabulous food!